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Exploring Seattle with Marika.

Exploring Seattle with Marika.

The Color Run 2012 (by thecolorrun)

Dee: OMG
im down
Diane: wanna go with me?
Dee: yeweess
Diane: hehe
you working out so much has gotten me motivated enough to start up again full force
Dee: haha yay!
If anyone else is interested, let’s get a group together!

screw valentine’s day. i rather go smack people upside the head. who’s with me? :)

here are the details: 

Feathers will fly at this fun, flash-mob type event which takes place on Valentine’s Day 2012just as the Ferry Building clock tower strikes 6pm.

Nearly 1,000 San Franciscans descend on Justin Herman Plaza with feather-stuffed pillows to run Braveheart-like at full speed at one another to lovingly beat the crap out of each other until the whistle blows.

Tip: Bring a mask or something to cover your mouth – it’s easy to choke on flying feathers

Yesterday I went to SJ’s First Friday with Shuttergirl.